It's just how I rollLIFE

It’s just how I roll


It was a busy weekend.

I needed to stay really busy for lots of reasons. There is an ongoing “situation” that could really get me down if didn’t.

Anyway, I baked and polyurethaned all at the same time.

I had a project going on in the dining room and was baking and boiling  eggs for egg salad in the kitchen. Although if you look at the picture, you can see the polyurethane ended up on the kitchen counter.

I generally have a number of projects going on all the time but I think this might have been a first even for me.


But I know why. I had to keep busy this weekend. Sometimes life can get so overwhelming, the best you can do is stay busy. It’s not denial. It’s doing what you need to do till you can figure things out. Sometimes I think when we engage in something that totally absorbs us, when we’re finished, the answers just seem to be there.

Have you ever had that experience?

 It’s doing what you need to do till you work through what you need to work through. It’s called distraction and sometimes distraction is exactly the best approach. 


Are you wondering how everything turned out?

Well, there were no crumbs on the polyurethane project and the cookies were not “laced” with the polyurethane. So I guess all went well.


If you’re wondering how the “situation” resolved;  it didn’t. I didn’t expect it to. Life is like that sometimes. If I didn’t sense God’s hand on me and His wisdom flowing into me, I would despair. But God is always faithful and I continue to open my mind to the leading of His Holy Spirit. I have no question this is why there is no “poly” in the cookies and no crumbs in the “poly”.

I have no question that is why there was no “poly” in the cookies and no crumbs in the “poly”.

God bless and have a good day.