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felt Christmas runner

Some of my favorite Christmas crafts. Inexpensive, too!

Whoa! Christmas is busy, isn’t it?

This year I’m trying to get all decorating done by December 1st. Yikes, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it?

Well, I think I’ll make it because I’m not using all my “stuff”. Time for a change.

After Christmas, I have big plans to sort through everything thoroughly. But I want to be careful. No knee jerk reactions this time. If I’ve hung onto something a long time, there’s probably a reason. Or maybe, like this year, I just need to use it in a different way.

Creativity always involves thinking outside that proverbial box. 

So as I’m in this process today, I snapped some quick pictures of some of my favorite items to show you.

This first one is a felt runner I made years ago. My daughter has the same one. Yes, it’s my design. For the past couple of years, I haven’t put it on a table because, well, just because.

It’s really cute, if I say so myself.

Next are some wine bottles a friend gave me. I’ll probably add white candles.

Finally, my adorable “layered” placements. The red felt snowflakes I purchased after Christmas at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And, of course, if you shop the Dollar Tree, you recognize the plastic snowflakes. I continue to buy these snowflakes because I use them in so many ways.


The penguins and trees you see on the table aren’t staying there. I have no idea what I’m doing in the center of the table.

Here are some more Christmas ideas from last year.

How to decorate mason jars

Some Christmas pictures

Enjoy and keep at it everyone. We can do this!!!

God bless each of you today and have a good one.

Christmas mugs

How two Christmas mugs opened the floodgates

Right after Thanksgiving, my husband and I start drinking our morning coffee from these cups.

Christmas mugs

They’re not antiques but they’re at least twenty years old. I bought them shortly after the Hobby Lobby in our local area opened.

One of them broke a few years back but we couldn’t bear to part with them so I did my “hot glue thing” and they’ve been fine ever since.

Christmas mugs

There is one drawback. They don’t hold a lot of coffee so that means multiple trips to the coffee maker and in this old house that means walking just about the length of the house. We watch the morning news in what we call the sunroom, which was once the porch. The kitchen is at the back of the house. Do you get the picture?

Hey, here’s a pic. Can’t believe I’m showing this to you as I’m in a mess with decorating and such now.

But it’s a good visual.

houseI’m standing at the doorway to the kitchen when I took this pic. Behind the curtain is the former porch.

But the one good thing about this kind of floor plan is you have to move more. And if  you’re going to use the bathroom, well, that’s a continuation past the kitchen through a small entryway and through a larger room that serves no purpose. It’s kind of like a mud room on steroids.

Can you imagine what I go through when I’ve had foot surgery? Let’s just say I avoid liquids.

Anyway, I digress.

Back to the Christmas mugs. (Yes, I have a brick wall in the kitchen. As I said, this is a very old house.)

Christmas mugsMy hubby and I actually thought about getting new ones this year, ones that hold more coffee. We just couldn’t do it.

These mugs represent how special Christmas is to the two of us and they represent many, many memories.

Christmas mugs

You see when we first got married, we declared two things.

  • Divorce was a word, a concept, we would never use. No matter what. (We never have and like all couples, we’ve had our “moments”)
  • Our Christmas’s would be special.

Our Christmas’ as we grew up were traumatic. Neither one of us had even one good Christmas memory as children.

But we can’t remember one bad one since we’ve been married.

That’s because we decided day one of our marriage to keep those two earlier resolves.

The Christmas mugs sit across the room from me as I write and I’m getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about those two young people so many years ago. By today’s standards, we were very young. I had just turned twenty-one and my husband was three months younger. Yes, he married a “younger woman”.  (Did I really say “younger”? I meant “older”.)  He never lets me forget it either.

Neither of us dreamed the paths our lives have taken. Neither of us dreamed we would face some real medical challenges. Neither of us dreamed we would visit many countries around the globe.  Neither of us dreamed we would have such amazing children and grandchildren. (I think we thought that because of our histories, we would be the worst of parents. We had no clue how to be good ones, and while we definitely made some mistakes, as all parents do, we are grateful those mistakes did not permanently “damage” our children.)

So when I look  at those mugs, I don’t see inanimate objects. I see two lives represented. We are as passionate about each other today as the day we were married. No, that’s not true. We are more passionate.

I really don’t know why I’m writing this today. Usually, I’m very focused. Seldom do I write at the last-minute like I’m doing today. But just seeing those mugs brought back such memories, such love.

As a married couple, we are no different from any other couple.

Except for one thing.

We decided early on that we would make this marriage work.

And we did. We fought through many issues, faced many challenges, will face some more, I’m sure. But we will stay as determined as we are now.

I’ve written a lot of post about determination, decision-making, and choice-making on this blog. I truly we believe that much of our lives, much of our happiness, is determined by the choices we make.

Anyway, hope this post was an encouragement to you today. When you have your coffee in the morning, just imagine me drinking mine from one of my Christmas mugs.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

Why I love “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Trolls

(Oh dear, my precious grandson’s dance video didn’t show up. Don’t know why. Trying one more time. I apologize but you just have to see it. )

Ok, so this past weekend was amazing. My daughter cooked the Thanksgiving dinner and it was great. We got to spend some time together, just the two of us. We found a new specialty dress shop we just loved.

Later that week-end, my grandson danced to my new favorite song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, by Justin Timberlake. It’s from the movie “Trolls” which my grandson assures me is the “best movie ever”.

But I warn you, it’s going to do the same thing to you. It’s such a feel-good song.

And here’s my grandson’s video. The sound quality is poor but if you listen closely you’ll hear the song. His moves are amazing. He had danced for us earlier and it was even cuter because he was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

Here it is:

God bless and have a good day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers.


I was thinking this morning how I wished I could meet each of you and hear your story. Especially if you struggle or have struggled with depression, anxiety, OCD, etc, what I could learn from you.

I would love to know what has helped and what hasn’t. What I haven’t focused on enough, what I should focus on more.

I know for sure that some of you are not going to have a great Thanksgiving. I can remember some that weren’t so great myself. Depression had stolen my joy. I can remember just wanting the holidays to be over.


There’s almost nothing worse than seeing everyone else’s happiness while you feel so empty inside.

I am praying for you. I am praying for you to find something in your life today for which you can be thankful.  I know that gratitude can be a wonderful mood-lifter.


For those of you who have been able to leave mental illness in the dust, I pray for your continued progress. For those of you still struggling, I promise to continue writing messages of hope and encouragement.

For all of you, I pray a day of peace from worry, anger, anxiety, fear, etc. I am truly grateful for each of you and say thank-you to all of you. I know there are many of you lurking in the shadows as my stats show that. That’s OK. I know you’re there and I am grateful.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

Can we rewrite our memories?

Today I’m thankful for yesterdays. Not all yesterdays. Just like all tomorrows won’t necessarily be something to be thankful for, not all yesterdays are either. But at least tomorrows hold promise. Yesterdays only hold memories. We can’t rewrite memories. Or can we?


Our past is our past: the facts of it, but not necessarily our interpretations of it.

I’ve looked back on a lot of my yesterdays, even the ones I’d rather forget, and have come to understand their contribution to making me who I am.  Without my yesterdays I wouldn’t have hope that I could handle my tomorrows.

For the most part, yesterdays hold no surprises. But we’ve all had those moments when someone or something opens a window to a past memory. 

Sometimes  we react to a person or a remark and we don’t know what triggered it. If we examined those reactions we would no doubt uncover a past experience as its source. There is a certain word that when I hear it, it catapults me back many years. Whether it’s in a movie, a book or a conversation, it takes me back to an experience as a teen-ager. The years have softened the “sting” of that word but it still unnerves me. I’ve never uttered the word myself. 

yesterday's feelings

Memories are called memories for a reason, they’re in the past. I’ve learned to “neutralize” the very hurtful ones. Yesterdays only have power over us if we allow it.


We can never fully understand anyone else’s yesterdays. We all have some painful yesterdays but we also have hope for our tomorrows. If your yesterdays include periods of depression or if you’re worried that your tomorrows might, remember you got through it then and you will again. Don’t be afraid to look back and gain strength from the past. 

Depression quite often gets a foothold because we’ve let the past fester.  

hope for tomorrow

hope for tomorrow

Today will be your yesterday soon enough so make today count.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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