God help us all.LIFE

God help us all! Exactly. After the election

I’ve heard the phrase, “God help us all!”, in relation to Trump’s victory. To which I respond,

“Yes, God help us all.

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Help us be kind and loving. Help us listen  and respect those whose views are different from ours. Help us remember that it is you to whom we owe our allegiance.

Keep us humble. Keep us grateful for the good in our own lives and be willing to share that good through our “giving”.

Help our words to reflect our loving thoughts and when what  comes out of our mouth is anything but, help us to look at our heart from where all thoughts and words originate.

We pray for our new president-elect. Surround him with people who are followers of Christ, people who are willing to speak up and speak out. Keep him safe.

Heal our nation and let it begin with me.”

God help us all.

I understand the concerns of those who voted for Hillary Clinton but remember the people who voted for Trump also felt they were in the minority and they deserve to be treated fairly as well.

I feel that because I am a follower of Christ, because I believe human life begins at conception, I, too, have been a “minority”. I have been criticized for my “outdated” beliefs.

And yet we know now that babies born as young as six months can survive. Surgery can be performed in the womb. Our neo-natal care has come a long way. More and more we read about miracle births, babies that shouldn’t have survived but do. The much-touted science that liberals use to support climate change somehow is never applied to this subject.

I did not vote for Trump but he is going to be my president and I am going to support him just as I did his predecessor. I never disrespected President Obama either even though I didn’t agree with him much of the time.

I admit there are real problems in our nation but the solution to those problems will never be solved by such statements as “God help us all.” Can and should people express their concerns? Of course. Everyone can voice their opinion but let’s start measuring our words a little more carefully.

Every time we utter a careless or emotionally charged word, we add to the problem.

Don’t be afraid. God is bigger than any political election.

God bless and have a good day.