The two best days in your life. What are they?



What do you think about that? Do you agree?

I think most of us we agree about the day we were born, at least I hope we do.

But what about the finding the “why”?

I agree with Mark Twain about the second part but don’t believe it’s a “once for all” why. I think the purposes in our life change with the seasons.

  • If we are married, the “why” is our spouse and this “why” never changes as long we we are married ;  it overrides all other “whys.”
  • When we have families our “why” should be centered on the kind of parent we are. The “why” is our children.
  • After they grow up and leave home, the “why” might be volunteer work.
  • When we have grandchildren, the “why” is being the best grandparent we can be.

But overriding all of this is, of course, is the “why” of who we are becoming. If the person we are becoming is authentic, then we will impact our corner of the world through our love.

Sometimes we spend so much time navel gazing to “find ourselves”, we miss all the “whys’ right in  front of us.

I believe what great theologians have said for ages, that if we are who God has called us to be, the rest usually falls into place. This is not to suggest that there aren’t some big things we will accomplish in our life, maybe even great things, like organize an important movement, write a book, start a foundation, etc. God has specific purposes for each of us. But I’ll bet it’s the little things that bring us the most joy.

But I think we can focus so much on OUR purpose, what WE want to accomplish, we completely lose sight of GOD’S purpose for us.

Are you wondering if I’ve figured it out myself? I go through periods where I’m sure and at other times, not so much.

Then there are times when I don’t have the luxury of even thinking about it. I’m simply treading water. You see sometimes it isn’t about us at all. In fact, it is in losing ourselves that we find ourselves, find our purpose. 


New International Version
Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.

New Living Translation
If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it. (Luke 17:33)

So maybe are second best day is the day we lose our lives, the day we quit thinking about ourselves.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.