Story of the Michigan Peacock

Michigan PeacockMy family is always kidding me about my gullibility.

For example, if a family member tells me something outlandish, like there’s such a bird as a Michigan peacock (Yes,this happened for real and, yes, I did fall for it), I’m very apt to believe them because of course, they wouldn’t lie. So they always try to trip me up.

What they don’t know though is how often I just pretend to be fooled. It’s my secret.

For example, my grandkids gave me some “cookies” when they were younger and told me I would like them. They were dog biscuits! And, of course, I knew they were dog biscuits. I just wanted to see them laugh thinking they had fooled me. Besides, they weren’t that bad.

The first definition for naïve in the dictionary is “inexperienced”. I’m certainly not inexperienced, having lived enough of life to know its reality.

Another definition is “youthful”. Young people are generally considered naïve. Young people generally trust and believe in people. Young people believe in possibilities.

I’ll take that definition.

So label  me hopelessly optimistic. Call me naive. Say I’m gullible. I don’t care.

I’d rather be all those things than be “jaded”.

Besides, who would my family have to pick on?

God bless and have a good day.

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