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Christmas trucks/2016

a final look at Christmas

A last look at Christmas today.

These are two of the four pairs of pajamas I sewed for my daughter and her family this Christmas. They are taking a ski trip during spring break and I thought my little grandsons would get a kick out of everyone wearing matching pajamas.  Ask me if I would do it again.

“Rebecca, would you do it again?”

“No”, I reply.

They weren’t hard to sew or anything but the pattern I used for the adults was HUGE. I mean tent-size huge. I had to take in the side seams about eight inches. (Who creates these patterns?)  Even after they tried them on, I had to take in the side seams. If I ever do it again, I would find pj’s at Goodwill or garage sales for a dollar or so and use that as a pattern.

However, they were a big hit and I’m glad I made them.

Christmas PJ

Christmas PJ's/ 2016

This is my three-tiered tray I painted silver this fall and used as a hot chocolate beverage cart. As you can tell, I was into plaid. My husband bought me the thermos with an adorable plaid picnic carrier last year for Christmas. I found the plaid cups at Walmart for $.88.



All of my Christmas linens are vintage, like the one below. I really should have posted a picture of all of them. Maybe next year.

Christmas tray/2016

And now the last two Christmas “vignettes”.



Christmas trucks//2016


So I’m quitting now. You might be getting tired of all the pics.

Anyway, God bless and as we end this year I pray that each of you would experience as many blessings as possible in this next year.

Christmas shelf/2016

some more Christmas pics to inspire you

Before the year is over, I want to share some more pics of my Christmas decorating.

These pictures are from a shelf that sits above the doors in my kitchen. I collect all these liquor bottles because I love the shapes and textures and I can do so much with them. It’s kind of funny because but I don’t drink any alcoholic beverages at all. Never have. But the shapes and textures are so wonderful to work with I can’t resist.

I often wonder what people might think but apparently not enough to quit picking these up at garage sales and thrift shops.

Anyway, here they are:


The red Christmas trees are yarn wrapped paper cones.img_0974


I interspersed silver trays across the back. I love trays as well. img_0968


Christmas shelf/2016

God bless each of you and have a good day.


How to be kinder during the holidays

People just don’t seem as kind as they used to be.

yellow flower/2016


Do you agree?

I wonder, did we become less kind before or after the advent of reality shows where people do nothing but scream at each other? It’s like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg.

But It would seem to me that TV producers wouldn’t produce a show they weren’t sure would have a following. Or did our lack of kindness find its birth in what has become nastier and nastier politics? Or maybe it began with twenty-four seven cable news shows that dump so much information on us, we suffer from knowing too much about too many things. frustrated. We don’t know what to with all these facts so we get cranky.

I really don’t know.


I just know I wish I lived in a kinder world:

  • A world where, even if we disagree with a person’s lifestyle, we are still kind to them,
  • Where children aren’t bullied because they’re different,
  • Where we all take responsibility for our own lives,
  • Where we’re respectful of those whose age is nowhere near ours, realizing most of us, from the youngest to the oldest,  have something valuable to offer.
  • Where we can have our faith and express our beliefs in a kind way and not be ridiculed for it.
  • Where our politics are civil. (You can add your own bullet points.)

The holiday week is here, that stretch between Christmas and New Year. We’ll hear stories about people paying for another person’s coffee at Starbucks. We’ll hear a lot of stories bout generosity. Those wonderful, predictable Hallmark movies are still playing and, as redundant as they are, they make me feel good every time. As sappy as those movies are, I prefer that to watching people yell at each other.

I wish I knew why we seem to be kinder at this time of year but I’m sad to say I don’t have a clue. I guess the logical answer is that we’re just feeling more generous but aren’t the holidays considered the most stressful time of the year?  So that doesn’t make sense.

Maybe we’re  just working a little harder. Maybe it’s a way to keep ourselves on an even keel during the busyness of the season. Maybe being “nice” is a like a pacifier for us. It calms us down.

We acknowledge the clerk behind the counter is as tired and frustrated as we are so we give her some slack. We let someone with just a few items in their cart check out before us even though there are express lanes they could be using. (Duh!)

Or maybe we’re being kinder because we think that’s what expected of us during the Holidays. Or maybe we’re trying to live like we’re in one of those Hallmark movies. 


 I don’t think I care what the reason is for the extra kindness at this time of year;  I just wish it were always that way.

Kindness has a snow ball effect.  The more it rolls the more snow it gathers.

Let’s go out and build a really big snowman.

God bless and have a good day.

Christmas 2016

How to “put it all away” after Christmas.

Christmas cookies,2016No, it’s not what you think.

I’m not talking about Christmas decorations.

That’s easy.

There are lots of “things” in our life that need organizing, that need to be “put away” and forgotten, that need to be resolved, that need to be approached differently.

Taking a knee-jerk reaction to the experiences of the last year is just that, a knee-jerk reaction.

And I’m not really going to spend much time on this today. I’m saving this whole subject of “new’ beginnings for January. If you’ve followed me for very long you know that I like January almost more than December. Here’s two older posts if you want to check them out.

The only point I want to make today is that change all by itself is not necessarily good.

Too many of us look back over the year and proudly declare as though they’re the victim of something, “Well, things are just going to have to be different next year. I’m going to change some things.”

To which I might reply (and to myself as well), “Hmm, maybe I’m the one that needs to change.” But even then, some people still mean that they feel the victim and therefore this change they’re referring to is meant to nurse their imagined wounds and validate their pain.  It’s the  knee-jerk reaction I referred to earlier and it’s usually just a way to avoid looking at ourselves.

And the interesting thing? We can take that approach and be quite successful for a while.

But you know what?

It seldom works. Mostly because we haven’t looked at ourselves first to see how much we contribute to our own “pain”.

As we look to the new year and reflect on the old, let’s get a little more honest with ourselves. I would suggest the last thing we need to do is change ourselves, I mean our basic personality.

Are there some things we need to do differently? Probably. More than likely it isn’t what we’re doing nearly as much as how we’re thinking and reacting to life and life’s events.

But the most important fact about change is this:

Change without serious and honest reflection is change that is short-lived.

Change that isn’t God-inspired won’t honor God.

Change without personal responsiblity is short-sighted.

Change for change’s sake is not necessarily good.

I will be blogging during January about the subject of change, using myself as the prime example but drawing from the experiences of others as well.

But for today, it’s enough just to remind ourselves that declaring, “Some things are just going to have to change”, is a non-starter.

Anyway, God bless as you recover from the holidays and enter the doldrums of January and February.

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