Christmas jarsCHRISTMAS

An really cute and easy way to decorate for Christmas

One of my favorite ways to decorate for Christmas is using “stuff”, like inexpensive decorations and incorporating them into what I already have. I like “filling” containers, laying Christmas “picks” on shelves, books, etc., creating “vignettes” in old boxes, etc.

With that in mind, I’d like to show you one example using some very large jars.

Did I every tell you how much I like big jars? ¬†Well, I do. I’m always scouring garage sales for them. I mean there good for yarn balls, cookie-cutters, cookies, of course, and all kinds of other things. And I like the fact that I can see everything.

“I like big jars and I can’t lie.”

(Sure hope you saw Shrek or that little ditty went right over your head. ūüôā ¬†)

I also like antique tin dishes, jello molds, etc. That’s what is in these jars.

I found this great plaid tape in the dollar section¬†at Target. I had the candles and wouldn’t ¬†you know it, some of my antique saucers fit right on top and served as candle holders. Voila!

Christmas jars

I threw in some red plastic snowflakes from¬†the Dollar Tree and some glittery tinsel. Maybe I’ll add some of the new battery operated lights.

By the way, did you know that there are battery-operated lights that are actually¬†timed? They stay on for six hours (from the time you plug them in) and then off for eighteen hours. For example, I plugged mine in at five p.m., and then they go off at eleven p.m. That’s like perfect. So I may add¬†lights to the jars.


This next picture shows the large round cake pan that these are sitting in. I bought a set of tiered professional cake pans at a garage sale a few years ago and I use them for lots of different applications.

As I said, I do like my tin.

The hearts ¬†you see handing on the jars are a craft I made years ago. It’s quilting filler, a soft fleece type but not fleece, used¬†between the layers.

First, I tea-dyed it. Then I stiffened it by soaking it in a white glue/water mixture. After it dried I used a paper punch to make the hole. I let it dry. It gets quite stiff. I stamped on some specialty ecru paper, glued it to the dried fabric and then used a stamp pad to darken it some more around the edges.

I stamped some sayings n some specialty ecru paper, glued it to the dried fabric and then used a stamp pad to darken it some more around the edges. Originally, I made these as bookmarks but I had these two left over.


You can see the glittery tinsel here and some jello molds, and the tiny loaf pans.

Christmas jars


God bless and have a really great day.

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