Day: December 15, 2016

Christmas as planned by God

One one of the many benefits of blogging is that I have a record of my life, at least since I began. I decided to read some posts from past Christmas’s to see if I’ve learned anything.

This is one of those posts:

God is having a good laugh at my expense.

You probably recall that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted these Holidays to be my own “quiet” journey to Christmas.


Then I wrote about my progress.

getting close to my goal

But God has different plans.

Not only are the days leading up to Christmas not going to be “quiet”;  they are going to be even “noisier” than usual. The details aren’t important but let’s just say that what I don’t get done in the next couple of days, what cookies I don’t get baked, etc., what craft items I don’t create, just won’t get done.

ready or not

I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t completely change the way I pray. It could be such a short prayer:

“OK, God. I’m yours. Have at it!”

interrupted plans

When will I ever learn that my plans don’t carry much weight with God? At least not my plans for myself.

When will I ever learn that God always knows what’s best? (By the way, it might not always be my best.) hat

When will I ever learn that every time God interrupts my well-thought-out plans, it’s because He sees the bigger picture, that He knows what I need better than I do.

So my “quiet journey to Christmas” is going to have to take place within me. Not in the circumstances surrounding me.

I feel strangely more intimate with Jesus this way because that’s how Jesus lived had to live His life. He experienced peace within, even with all the “noise” around Him.

Let’s face it. Life is “noisy” anyway.

  • There are people to care for and watch over.
  • There are people to pray for.
  • There are people to visit.
  • There are people to listen to.
  • There are people to talk to.
  • There are people to love.

When we’re helping others, we are at our happiest and most peaceful anyway.  So when I re-think my plan, I realize I’m right where I should be and my quiet journey to Christmas is right on track.

I’m so glad God loves me enough to continue to interrupt my life.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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