Pajama day gone awry. Here’s why.

I had a different post all set for today. It was about a wonderful chocolate frosting recipe.

You’ll see it next week. But today is about encouragement, for me every bit as much as for you.

Today I want to tell you about yesterday. It was a good day-until late afternoon.

Let me tell you about the good part first.

I’ve always wanted to have a “pajama day”. I’ve never spent a whole day in my pajamas unless I was sick. So this was a fun resolution for this year. So I go up and didn’t get dressed. I did clean up and put on my make-up. It was really awful weather so I thought, “Hey, I’ll go back to bed and watch a video on my computer and lounge the day away, in my pajamas, of course”.

Christmas PJ

Shortly after I hopped back into bed, I fell asleep until after noon!

So now I feel it doesn’t count for a pajama day because obviously I slept away too much of it. I did stay in my pajamas the rest of the day though.  I’d always imagined pajama day as a day when you do things differently. You know, you don’t do any housework. You eat what you want, do what you want. It’s like a staycation day.

It was nothing like that. Once I got up, I pretty much did what I always do. Even got on my elliptical machine.

Around six, pajama day took a turn for the worse. I started getting some very disturbing calls from my mom. Because I respect her privacy I won’t share too much with you. Let’s just say she was very confused. I had so hoped she was going to get better.

I fear now, she isn’t.


But when we’re faced with difficult situations, we should leave no stone, especially prayer, unturned. I have done as much research as I can. I’ve tried every approach. And I will keep trying until God makes it clear I should stop.

You never know when turning over that one certain stone will give you the solution, when that prayer you prayed will get answered. I don’t ever want to stop a stone or a prayer short.

If we are followers of Christ, we have to remember that God sees our struggles, better than we do. He sees the future; we don’t. We must always be sensitive to God’s voice and his direction. There will be times when God tells us to stop working so hard. There will be times God will “make us lie down”, like this morning, and we’ll get some needed rest, even when we didn’t know we needed it.

We can plan our days all we want, even a pajama day. And there’s nothing wrong that. There’s nothing wrong with having a day to ourselves.

My brother and are taking one day at a time, hoping we can keep her in her home. I think her time might be shorter than I thank and my heart will break on that day. But I take strange comfort in knowing many have walked this journey and they survived.

I will, too.

God bless and I hope we all have a good day today.