What is the condition of your heart?

Someone once said,

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.

My mom never graduated from high school. She will tell you she is not smart although nothing could be further from the truth. She is a woman of integrity.

So when I came across this phrase, I thought of her.

She if often intimated by people with educations and feels inferior. She is easily in awe of people with money figuring they must be really smart if they have a lot of it.

But who is smarter? The person who has learned to live life humbly and generously or the one who has a couple of degrees, and a lot of money but is a miserable human being?

What is the condition of your heart?

What is the condition of mine?

How generous are we to others? Do we give our time and resources freely or do we hang on tight to them?

Sometimes I think I’m smart but when I do I remind myself that if I do make smart decisions, it’s because it’s the prayer I pray every day, “Lord, give me wisdom for each decision I have to make and each circumstance I find myself in. Make me smarter than I am.”

He has always provided me with the information, the resources, and the time I need to make good decisions. Sometimes I don’t receive wisdom until the very last minute but I have learned to trust God over the years. Thus I’ve learned that my thinking processes are guided by him and for the most part I am pleased with the decisions I make.

I have much to do today so I’m signing off quickly because God is waiting to hear from me and I’m waiting to hear from him. This has been a week of getting up and getting out the door with precious few minutes for our usual time together and I need to keep my heart tuned-up.

God bless and I hope you have a great weekend.