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How faith is like a hike in the woods

Take a walk with me today, across a bridge and into the woods. A few weeks ago, before my mom got really sick, my husband and I took a different path to the beach at Hoffmaster State Park.

My husband wasn’t sure my back would allow me to take this route as there are hills. But I had no problem and this is now become my favorite trail ever.

Walk along and you’ll see why I find it so peaceful. (Excuse the somewhat out-of-focus pictures. When I enlarged them, that’s what happened.)


The path starts to lead up a hill.

And it continues uphill.

Isn’t this chartreuse moss beautiful?

Finally, we reach here. I love sitting here and looking out over the cliff.Hoffmaster


This is directly in front of the bench. Hoffmaster

This is looking down from the cliff.Hoffmaster

We walk a little further and there is another path heading up another hill.Hoffmaster

And then we reach Lake Michigan.

And the fog lifts.Lake Michigan

Sometimes life is just like this walk. Uphill and around corners. We don’t know what’s coming up next, but we put one foot in front of the other.

Eventually, the fog lifts and we see our way once again. That’s what faith is like.

We keep walking while we trust.

We don’t stop just because we can’t see around the bend. The uncomfortable truth though is that we all do at times. If we don’t actually quit, we at least feel like quitting. We don’t stop just because we can’t see around the bend. In fact, maybe that is a new definition of faith, “trusting is when we can’t see around the bend, but we keep walking anyway.

Remember this path the next time you are ready to give up. Remember how the fog lifts.

God bless you today as you walk your own trail.





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  1. Loved your pictures and analogies, Rebecca. So true…sometimes, we keep walking just because we don’t know what else to do…but, it pays off. We come out the other side ! It is good to know that there is Someone who can see the path through the fog, and even goes before us to prepare the way.