Day: April 12, 2017

finished glass jars.

What you get with antique door knobs, big jars, and tin plates

I had to do some creative things this week. Did I ever tell you how much I love really big jars?

I do.

Did I ever tell you how much I love antique tin/aluminum plates?

I do.

Did I ever tell you I collect antique door knobs?

I do.


I put them all together.

Here are the big jars without lids. They are filled with children’s tin dishes, tin cookie cutters, jello molds, etc.

big jars


I forgot to take pictures of the aluminum plates before I painted them in various colors, black, brown, and gray. They were aluminum; need I say more? While the paint was wet, I dabbed on the wet paint in some areas so there was a little more dimension.

tin lids


The lids are glued on with hot glue.tin lids with glass knobs

That little “tag” is a project from a number of years ago. The main heart is a fabric called “quilting loft” that quilters use as a filler. I tea-dyed it and then placed it in a bowl of white glue, soaked it thoroughly, and then let it dry on wax paper. The fabric gets very stiff. I stained the edges with a stamp pad. Then I stamped on a piece of specialty paper and glued that on the fabric. I punched a hole, in the top and then threaded it. I made a number of these with different stamps as Christmas ornaments and bookmarks, or just to hang anywhere like I did here. This was a leftover. It was one of my favorite crafts.

(Btw, I did clean off the glue you see under the knob below.)

Now, aren’t you wondering why I didn’t place the lids the other way around like a normal lid would be? It’s because they looked like little people with topknots on their head that way. Seriously.

This way they’re “arty”.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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