A cute wall decoration from Hobby Lobby

I found this cute wall “thingee” at Hobby Lobby last weekend so thought I would share it with you. I had a coupon so I think it was only about $20.00. I’ve so been needing to get something for this wall. I really like it.


This is a close-up. I’ve had these antique books for many years. They are easily over one hundred years old. I love how the older writers had such a command of the English language.


My daughter gave me these little “change” purses from an estate sale.


Here’s another purse. (I’ve hung all kinds of things on this vase. )

antique purse


You can see the other tiny purses here.

The single old shoe you see on the second shelf is from a woman I got to know through a volunteer agency. She was about eighty-five at the time and I was about thirty. We became fast friends so I quit the volunteer agency because it didn’t seem right to be reimbursed for gas mileage anymore. We remained friends up until her death. I have never forgotten her and this little shoe always reminds me of her. It was her son’s baby shoe. She had no idea where the other one was.  🙂

The pair of shoes you see here were a present from my mom. I think we were from an antique store. She knew I liked them but they were kind of expensive. Imagine how pleased I was when she gave them to me as a surprise. She was always “treating” me like that. 

I’ve been reading a book about feng shui and clutter. One of the definitions of clutter was unfinished decorating. That’s was so where I was with this wall. I just never got it right, you know? Now I think I have.

God bless and have a good day.