Listening to what might be her last breath


I’ve been resting with my eyes closed listening to you breathe. I don’t know when your breaths will stop.

Why do I find such comfort?

Yet, I do.

With each breath you breathe, I am reminded of life.

With each breath you breathe, I am reminded of my own mortality.

With each breath you breathe I think of the Holy Spirit breathing peace into my soul when every other part of me is breaking.

As long as you breathe, I have you with me.

Keep breathing, mom, just a little longer.

I’m not ready to say goodbye.

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  1. So true. We are NEVER ready to say goodbye. Through your blog, I am reliving my own experiences with my mom. Precious yet painful. I kept reminding myself that the Lord has prepared a wonderful world filled with glorious sights, smells and delights. No tears, no pain. Most importantly, our loved one will forever be loved by God Almighty.