He’s More

This was written by my daughter. Her son, my grandson, has Down syndrome. The point she makes can be made for anyone. None of us learn a new skill by emulating someone at the same level as us. This applies to everyone. I’m so proud that she and her husband stuck to their guns. They want to give him a chance. Everyone deserves a chance.

This Little Light of Mine

I sat in my son’s IEP meeting waiting to discuss his kindergarten placement. I’ll be honest, I dreaded the meeting.

I felt like I might need to fight to place my son in gen ed.

I felt like I might need to persuade that my son deserves the opportunity to go to school at his neighborhood school with his brother and peers.

I felt like my son was being viewed as a collection of test scores and data. You know, like a lab rat.

I wanted to shout:

My son is more than Down syndrome.

My son is more than cognitively impaired.

My son is more than “choose the right letter for three out five trials with 80% accuracy.”

My son loves to play hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

My son loves to sing.

My son loves to look at books and to have someone read to him.

My son…

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