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Yea! The foundation is done.

Here we go. The foundation has been laid.

Here’s the truck delivering the first load of materials.

bedroom addition


Here are the holes being dug for the cement and the posts for the foundation.

But I’m still perplexed as to where to put the windows and which wall the bed is going to be on. My thinking is this:

Place the windows higher than the posts of the bed so the bed can be placed on at least two walls. I have so many windows now, it’s hard to place furniture anywhere because they are long windows. But the upside is there is lots of light. And I do like lots of light.

Here are some more bedroom pictures I’ve found for inspiration. (These pictures are from Houzz. Wanted to make sure I gave credit where credit is due.) See the shiplap in this one? Think I am going to go ahead and at least do one wall in shiplap. The bedroom will not be big, 12 x 16. Most of you probably have bedrooms bigger than that. I would’ve gone bigger but then the bedroom would be bigger than the cabin!

You will notice in this picture that the window on the vaulted wall is high enough to accommodate the bed frame. I’m pretty sure this is where I’m heading except the window will be a slider. And I think I will settle on my favorite white, Cottage White by Behr. My dining room is that color as is all my trim downstairs. It’s a soft creamy white. Very warm.

bedroom 2


I have noticed that many of the bedrooms with vaulted ceiling do not have the bed up against the vaulted wall. I think I know why. Because if the bed is against that wall, you don’t get to see it when you’re in bed.

bedroom ideas

Hope you are enjoying the process with me. I’ll be posting more pictures next week.

God bless and have a good day.

ps. Somehow a post I thought was a draft published yesterday. If you received it, it really wasn’t finished. It was ok as it was but I needed to add a little more. I’ve since deleted it. Will republish at a future date.


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  1. Hey, Colleen,

    Thanks for the encouragement. As it turns out, things r moving very fast. Be sure to read next week as I share more.

  2. I had a friend add a room onto his lake house once. It ended up great! Yours looks like it will be gorgeous. Good look to you, it will be over and ready sooner than you know it!