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My garage sale and thrift store finds from the weekend

(Before I show you my great garage sale finds, today is going to be quite a day, huh? I couldn’t find any eclipse glasses so I’m going to have to make a box. I think the day, for those few minutes, is going to be kind of fun. But do you know the first thing I thought of when I thought about what is going to happen? I thought, what a great example of the power of God. Who but God can put the moon in front of the sun? Yea, yea, I know all about astronomy but who do you think put it all in motion in the first place? So this morning I thanked God for such a display of his glory.)

I was at our cabin this past week. As you know, it’s had a baby and the baby is almost grown-up. She’s getting dressed now. Drywall, painting, flooring, etc. I went to a Salvation Army thrift store and found this great little vintage coffee table. I’m going to be painting it white, of course, and because it has a “lip” I may fill in the top with something. Or I could get a piece of glass cut and put something under that. I’m sure it will “evolve”.

It was $13.00. I thought $10.00 would have been better but I’ve been looking for a piece this size for ages so I gave in.garage sale coffee table

garage sale coffee table

Then the next day my hubby and I found some garage sales and I found these wonderful decanters. I’ve never seen them this cheap, 50 cents each. I snatched them up. Of course, I will paint them with chalk paint. I’m always a little “torn” about buying wine decanters but they are beautiful pieces of glass and that’s why I buy them.


glass decanters

And later I found these glass storage containers. I have been trying to replace all my plastic with glass. But these are not cheap. However, I scored these for 2.00 apiece. Plus, we have dark colored coffee mugs at the cabin and do you know how hard it is to know when your near the top of your mug when pouring dark coffee into a dark mug?

garage sale finds

garage sale finds

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