Month: September 2017

painted acorns

A wonderful thought

Hubby and I are at our cabin.

Can’t wait to show you pictures of our new bedroom. It’s coming along and just kind of “coming together” without much over-analyzing.

We took a long drive yesterday and stopped at a cute coffee shop for lunch in a quant little town. It was the best BLT I’ve had in a long time.

On the way home I asked my husband how he thought I was doing. I was referring to my grieving process as my mother died about five months ago.

(By the way, will saying that ever not cause my eyes to tear-up?)

He said he thinks I’m coping just as one would want expect so early in the process.

My mother loved the fall and I looked forward every year to taking her on a color tour and stopping for lunch at some place quaint and cute.

So I’ve made it through summer and now I have fall. Each season brings its own set of memories I have to wade through and process.

I’m at the bunkhouse right now for my devotional time and I came across this in a book by one of my favorite inspirational authors, Grace Stoddard:

“Live at ten while you can. Time (and I would add, health, and circumstances), diminishes our options, but fight it.”

I am entering a new phase of life. While some doors are closing, others are opening.

The funny thing about doors though, is that it doesn’t matter how many close or open, we are still the ones turning the knob.

So live your life today as close to ten as you can. It’s your choice.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

pantry remodel

My new pantry DIY

My pantry used to be a tiny bathroom. When we completed the roughed-in addition, I knew I wanted this room for my pantry. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of cupboards but they’re all too high for me to use. I do not understand the current craze to have cupboards that go to the ceiling. It’s a total waste. Maybe they’re ok with eight-foot ceilings, but not with ten.

When we remodeled the kitchen, I took everything out of the top row of cupboards and didn’t put anything back in.

I love my pantry. It’s my favorite room. I love walking in and seeing everything at one glance. But it gets messy really easy although this first picture isn’t too bad.

pantry remodel


I can’t believe I painted this room green. The white is much better, don’t you think?

pantry remodel


Looking better, huh?

pantry remodel


I bought some gray herringbone Contac paper to line the shelves. The blue trim is Washi tape.

pantry remodel



pantry remodel


The final product. Baking items are on the right, including items, like flour, sugar, nuts, raisins, nuts, cereal. On the left are main course items, canned goods and dressings, sauces, etc.
pantry remodel


I empty almost all boxed containers into clear ones. I am continually picking up clear containers at garage sales and Goodwill. I made these tags a couple of weeks ago. I don’t really need them, I just think they’re cute.pantry remodel


I keep overflows on the top shelf.
pantry remodel


Here are more containers.

pantry remodel


I just picked up these red-topped vintage glass containers a couple of weeks ago. They were former instant-coffee containers.

pantry remodel

pantry remodel

Do you see the “sparkles” just above the vintage brown crockery pieces? They are stick-on sequins and they are scattered throughout the walls and on the ceiling. I had to have some “bling”.


I threw this picture in just for you to have a good laugh.  I really do know how to spell “pantry”. When I saw this, I roared. As did my husband. Once I had it corrected, I realized that this was not the best place to put the word anyway. After all, once you open the door, you know you’re in a pantry. Right?

pantry re-do


So this made more sense. Yes, I know the “y” has to be re-positioned. It keeps falling off.

pantry remodel

I hope you enjoyed my tour.

God bless and have a good day.

Sally Lunn bread. Have you tried it?

Have you ever heard of Sally Lunn bread?

It’s an old recipe that uses yeast but requires no kneading. That’s a win-win in my book.

I love baking bread and even though I have a bread machine, I don’t use it often.

Here’s some information about the origins of Sally Lunn bread. I checked out Pinterest for some recipes and found these two.  I used the first recipe.

I baked mine in a tube pan but I think I would use loaf pans next time because it would slice more like bread than. If you use the tube pan, then it cuts like cake. I managed to slice one piece small enough to put in the toaster and it was great. However, if you use loaf pans, I would suggest that you use more than one, and depending on the size of the loaf pans, maybe three or four. These would make great little Christmas gifts especially with honey-butter.


God bless and have a good day. Let me know if you try this recipe.

white/gold chargers

Upcycled chargers. These are pretty.

As you know, I have been really sick with some sort of virus since last Tues. Uck!!! So not only did I feel terrible, but I was bored. So after about four days, I decided I would finish a project I started. I had already painted these chargers. I just hadn’t wipe off the Vaseline.

Oops, I better explain what I did, huh?

I rubbed Vaseline (petroleum jelly) randomly where I didn’t want the paint to stick. Then I had painted with Rustoleum 3X in Heirloom White. So I went to the garage and amidst the sneezing, the hacking and the coughing, I wiped off the Vaseline.

I just had to accomplish something, anything!

Aren’t they great? Oh, I also sprayed a polyurethane coating on top. And when I stored them, I did so with waxed paper between each charger.

I love chargers. I have a lot of them. Most of them are from garage sales or thrift stores. I used them all the time. They really “dress-up” the table.



I love these white, gold, and silver napkins but I can only find three. I am so hoping the other one is accidentally stored with my Christmas decorations.


These are some paper placemats I bought in Chicago a number of years ago. I love them but I’ve never used them because none of the dishes I put with them looked right. Painting these chargers white and letting some gold “peek” through, were the perfect addition.

Even writing this post made me feel better. Can’t wait to use them.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

original art

I hate having a cold, don’t you?

I wish I had some garage sale treasures to show you this morning, but last Tuesday morning I woke up with a very sore throat. After two days of that, I started sneezing for the next three. After that, it was and is a cough.

I am a very impatient patient.

I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t feel well enough to do anything but I did decide to check out some of my pictures.  I found lots of projects I’ve never posted. So that’s what I did.

This first is a painting I created a couple of years ago.It was fun because it was a collage. I designed the paper years ago by dropping and smearing paint on typing paper. I still have a large stash for future projects. The paint is ordinary acrylic paint, the kind you use for crafts projects. I mixed glitter in with some of the paint for the sand.


Original painting


The sparkle in the sand is craft paint with glitter added. The ocean and waves are done in the same acrylic paint.

Original painting


Original painting


These next two pictures show me experimenting with some of the torn papers. The dark paper is going to be used for the mountains. You can see the beginning of the sun here in the top right-hand corner. Some of the paper I cut with scissors, others I tore.

Original painting


You can see the mountains are finished. Depending which way you tear paper determines whether or not any of the “deckling” (the underside white paper) shows up or not. In the case of some of the mountains, I wanted the paper to show so it would represent snow on the mountains.

Original painting


Brushes aren’t the only tools for painting as you can see. Hands and fingers are great “brushes”. Original painting


original art

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little art “lesson”. Many of the paintings in my home are my originals. Now that I have more time, I’d like to get back to my art.

God bless and have a good day.


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