Ladies, don’t wear this blouse!

I don’t usually make a remark about the latest fashion but I just can’t help it this time.

First of all, these tops and dresses with the shoulders cut out. Not a fan. And especially not a fan of anyone over the age of forty wearing it. I saw an “older” woman at TJ MAXX the other day wearing one of these. She also had on rolled-up denim pants and heeled sandals. I do think that older women can wear some “younger” looks but not too often. This woman looked like she was trying to dress like someone thirty years younger. In my eyes, it didn’t work.

So that brings me to this. I subscribe to Target for e-mail updates and this came through titled, “Every fashion blogger is wearing this blouse”.  Well, I’m not a fashion blogger but I’m not going to wear it anyway. I scrolled through some pictures and honestly unless you are under twenty and weigh under hundred and ten pounds,  you should not wear this blouse.

I love how someone else tries to decide for me what I should or should not wear. There should at least be a warning on the label that says, “This style is not for everyone. Wear at your own risk.”

The same for these off the shoulder, big-ruffled tops. I saw a lot of women wearing them this past year. I saw only one woman who looked good in it and that’s because she made sure she had the “whole” look going on. Often what we wear on one part of our body is either completely messed up by what we wear elsewhere on our body.

For example, long tiered “peasant” skirts with high heels. It just looks awful.

I realize these are my opinions and you may not share them. And that’s OK. You can start your own blog and share yours as well.

Just kidding.

Anyway, sometimes it’s just fun to write about something frivolous and unimportant, especially since the day before I wrote about these terrible parasites living inside me.

Have a great day and God bless.

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