My Monday “finds” on Wednesday

Because Monday marked the anniversary of the terrorist attack on New York City, I did not post my garage sale “finds”.

So here we go.This is a candle holder “thingee”. It’s made from a rain barrel. It’s hard to see the curve. It curves up about three inches in the middle. Cost? Two dollars.

candle holder

candle holder

candle holder

candle holder

candle holder



Next are these cool pieces of clothing. Don’t they look comfortable for a cold winter’s day when you don’t want to leave the house? One dollar for each.

garage sale find/clothes


And finally, my favorite “find”. Not everyone will appreciate these but rusty “anythings” are kind of my favorite treasures. Cost? One dollar for all. And what am I going to do with them. I don’t know but I’ll figure out something.

rusty tinware

rusty tinware

rusty tinwatre

rusty tinware

God b less and I hope you have a good day.

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