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Knocking it out of the park, food-wise that is

I’ve knocked it out of the park this week, cooking-wise, that is.

This is not a food blog as you well know but every once in a while I get it right. This last week, I got it right twice.

Yea for me!

So naturally, I have very few pictures to show you because I never know when a recipe is going to turn out right or not.

Luckily, in the case of this first one, I used a recipe that I share with you.

I made this dish Sunday. I wanted to cook a whole meat-potatoes-vegetable kind of meal for my husband. Neither one of us like this traditional meal but, hey, it’s getting colder so the body just starts to carve the three-course meal.

Back track to a couple of weeks ago. I was returning some books to the library and there was a free stack of magazines, Taste of Home. I’m sure you’ve seen these everywhere. I picked out about twenty and brought them home.

Sometimes I get tired of all the beautiful cooking blogs with their gorgeous photography. And each step comes with a picture. It can be a little overwhelming. I mean how does one compete? Plus, there’s something to be said about “reading” a recipe instead of “looking” a recipe, if you know what I mean. I worry sometimes that we are going to become a nation that only reads in pictures.

I digress.

Anyway, here’s the recipe I started with. I pretty much quadrupled this sauce part of this recipe. I didn’t make the corn and broccoli casserole but think I just might next time. Sounds kind of interesting.

mini meat loaves

Salisbury steak


These are the very simple sauce ingredients. I added about one tablespoon of brown sugar. I like this sauce so much I plan to use it on pork chops, and chicken as well. Think it would be also great on any roast, pork or beef. Think I might even like it on hot dogs. I like it that much.


 No, this is not my cake. But mine looked pretty good as well.

 chocolate food cake


I did not make the cake from scratch. Why invent the wheel? This was one of the best cakes ever. My hubby loved it. You could eat the frosting all by itself. Tastes like a chocolate mousse.

chocolate angel food cake

I rounded out the meal with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and rolls. I intend on fixing this at least once a month.

If you try these recipes, let me know.

God bless and have three-course kind of day.