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Upcycled chargers. These are pretty.

Upcycled chargers. These are pretty

This is a great diy plate charger makeover. Would make a great Christmas present. Yes, I said the word. But this year, we may have to be really creative. You can make these using any chargers you have; even the plastic ones from the Dollar Tree will work. I’ve revamped dozens of these.

For this set, I rubbed Vaseline (petroleum jelly) randomly where I didn’t want the paint to stick. Then I had painted with Rustoleum 3X in Heirloom White. So I went to the garage and amidst the sneezing, the hacking, and the coughing, I wiped off the Vaseline.

I just had to accomplish something, anything!

Aren’t they great? Oh, I also sprayed a polyurethane coating on top. And when I stored them, I did so with waxed paper between each charger.

I love chargers. I have a lot of them. Most of them are from garage sales or thrift stores. I used them all the time. They really “dress-up” the table.

I love these white, gold, and silver napkins but I can only find three. I am so hoping the other one is accidentally stored with my Christmas decorations.

These are some paper placemats I bought in Chicago a number of years ago. I love them but I’ve never used them because none of the dishes I put with them looked right. Painting these chargers white and letting some gold “peek” through, were the perfect addition.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.