My big wood slices and how I used them

So today I want to show you my great wood-slice patio tables.

First, the back story.

We had a number of trees removed from our cabin property to make room for our new addition.

I must say, the young man who took down our trees was an artist.

Artistry comes in many forms, from painters to decorators, to writers, to chefs. One only has to use their God-given creativity to be considered an artist.

This young man managed to make the trees fall exactly where he wanted them to, even in between trees we didn’t want to be damaged.

So as I watched him, I wondered, “Would he be able to cut some wood slices for me that were totally level on both sides? In case you think this is easy, it isn’t. Especially with a great big chainsaw and no guide to follow.

“Sure”, he confidently said. “How thick do you want them?”

I told him about four inches.

He started cutting.

And he did it.

To perfection.

Table of Contents

They’ve been sitting in my garage all summer waiting for me to attach some legs.

I was cleaning the garage last week as a gift to my husband.(and because I had really let it get messy from all my DIY projects) when I wondered,

“So where to store the wood slices?”

I went to the deck to grab the hose to wash down the garage floor when I spied my plant stands.

“I wonder”………

Well, here’s what they look like. I couldn’t like them any better.

First of all, here’s the sitting area on my deck.


As you can see, they have cracked a little. I sprayed them with polyurethane. There is a special product that is recommended but it’s kind of expensive, so I’m just hoping they stay nice.

God bless and have a good day.