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My autumnal dining room table

This is my autumn-inspired dining room table display. I pretty much did the same thing last year. This first picture shows a piece of double-sided tape on a neutral piece of fabric cut a little narrower than the width of the shims. I place these strips across the length of the fabric. I don’t buy the expensive double-sided tape. You know what I use? The tape you use when you put up (if you do, that is) plastic on your windows for the winter. When I am done, I just roll it up and store it. It’s easily fixed if one of the shims becomes displaced.



This is what it looks like when it’s finished. It’s quite rustic. As you can see I alternate the shims. It isn’t even but it really doesn’t matter.


The pumpkins are a mix of Dollar Tree purchases, and fabric ones I made last year. The “stems” are piece of driftwood. The mason jar lids were a present as was the cheese grater “owl” you will see in later pictures. I found the giant pine cones in Georgia. Many of the leaves I cut out from scrapbook paper as well as felt and leather pieces. The others are from Dollar Tree. I kind of “threw’ those around so they looked more wind blown than hand-placed.



The cheese grater “owl”.


I love the gold one at the bottom with the sequins.


If you look closely you can see I have elevated some of the pumpkins on pieces of wood.


A final look again.

autumnal dining room