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Alphabet of thanks, “C”

I am thankful today for “Creature Comforts”.

They are different for everyone.

For me,  “creature comforts” start in the morning with my first cup of coffee. I love love, love, my first cup of coffee. Straight up and black. No fancy Keurig coffee pot or little expensive tubs of coffee. Ask me how glad was I to learn that coffee is really good for one’s health. After my first couple of cups of hot coffee, I drink iced coffee with full-fat cream for the rest of the day.

cup of coffee

Another “creature comfort” for me is soft clothes. I have been downsizing my closet for years now and eliminating any piece of clothing that is too stiff, scratchy, or requires too much “adjusting”. I’m all about feeling comfortable in my clothes. I’m so glad the clothes from my childhood are no longer. I can’t imagine being a queen! Think about all those still uncomfortable layers. How did they do anything, I wonder.

I find studying my Bible comforting as well.

I find being alone with my thoughts comforting.

I love my electric heating pad on our bed. I turn it on around eight so it’s nice and warm when I crawl inside.

There is something to be said for surrounding ourselves with comfort whenever we can. It’s not self-indulgent if it’s not overdone. 

My British friend has her creature comforts as well. Her’s is a warm house, cappuccino at 11:00, and warm bubble baths. Oh, and real butter, always.

bubble bath


Another friend loves reading in bed in the morning before she ever gets up.

My daughter, whose life is full with a full-time job, two little boys, (one with Down Syndrome), and a busy volunteering schedule, indulges herself with books. She loves reading, warm baths, and specialty teas.

My mother loved taking naps.

I think sometimes we get so busy we don’t even know what our “creature comforts” are. Maybe it’s a good idea to ask ourselves:

“Do I have any ritual that habitually calms me down, that “comforts” me?”

It’s a question I believe worth asking and when we don’t have an answer, we need to take some time and develop some.

God bless and have a good day.