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Alphabet of thanks, “I”

The letter “I” is was easy for me.

I’m very thankful for “Ice Cream.

ice cream

I have always loved ice cream.

Actually, it’s iceD cream, isn’t?Anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My all-time favorite is Butter Pecan. Second, is any kind of chocolate, peanut butter blend. Third, is Salted Caramel.

I don’t like Rocky Road or anything like that. I don’t like Bubble Gum or any like aberrations. I do like Vanilla but only on pie and cakes.

Did you know that ice cream is considered a better dessert than many others? I can’t remember where I read that, but I’ve read it in one or more places. I used to eat low-fat or sugar-free but I don’t anymore. It’s far better to eat full-fat and eat less of it. Plus, if you eat the sugar-free kind and you have IBS, the artificial sweetener can cause major problems.

There was a time I could more ice cream more than anyone I knew. Not so much anymore.

Our local grocery store now carries these frozen mini-drumsticks that I just love. They’re just big enough for a light dessert and I┬ádon’t have to feel guilty if I have one in the evening.

mini ice cream cones

And, of course, you can make your own. Here’s a great link with some great recipes.

Anyway, God bless and have a good day. I’ve got to go get some ice cream.