Alphabet of thanks: “J”

Today I am grateful for my “JOURNEY”.

I’ve had a lot of them.

Some of them have been spiritual, some have been internal, some have been physical.

I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had many “physical” journeys.

My husband had a job for a number of years where he traveled extensively. It started with travel within the United States and after a year, it became international. Because he traveled abroad every month, he piled up a LOT of frequent flyer miles. We decided I would accompany him at least twice a year. My travel was covered by frequent flyer miles and of course, I shared my husband’s room so that was no cost either. Breakfast was included so the only meal I had to worry about was lunch and sometimes I just took a piece of fruit, some cheese, and a croissant from breakfast and that held me over till dinner. I either shared my husband’s evening meal, or ordered and paid for my own.

I suppose I could call it travel but it was much more than that to me. They were truly journeys and they changed me in profound ways. I learned that I am indeed fortunate to live where I do. Even with all the tragic events of late.

I learned that not all people who look different from me are really any different at all. I learned I was braver than I thought as I took public transportation on my own and explored the cities while my husband worked. It was such an adventure to go out on my own, to have lunch on my own even when I couldn’t speak the language and had to guess at what I was ordering.

Then there are the “internal” journeys. There have been many. One doesn’t battle depression for years and not take some internal journeys. While I hated that particular journey, it made me a much stronger person. I learned so many things about myself, some good, some bad. I particularly learned that I don’t have to please everyone all the time. I still work on that journey.

I’ve written often about the importance of an “examined life”.

Journeys are usually meant to take us somewhere.

Then there are the “spiritual” journeys. There are so many “journeys’ in our Christian walk.

There is the “prayer” journey. I have so much to learn. The more I pray, the less along the journey I feel I am.

There is the “faith” journey. I lack so much at times but along the way I have gained more than the day before.

There is the “knowledge” journey. There is so much to know from just what is written in Scripture. There is all the history around the events.

There is the “inner” journey. Learning how the Holy Spirit works. Hearing his voice more clearly.

There are probably many more.

I suppose there are people who don’t believe life is a journey, who take each day and simply walk through it without giving it any thought. I don’t envy them. I want to get to the end of my life and feel like I took lots of different paths. I want to know I always appreciated the journey.



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