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alphabet of thanks, “R”

Now this one might seem silly.

Today I am thankful for the colorĀ RED.

And why is that you ask?

I don’t know. I just like the color red. I like wearing it, decorating with it, and eating it.

The wearing:

I love a red sweater. I mean you can pair it with anything and it gives it a flash of sophistication. Like this:

Or you put it with jeans and you get this:

fashion fave/red

(By the way, I pinned this three times!)

fashion fave red blazer

Pair it with black pants and you get a sophisticated look, like this:

Then there’s the decorating. How adorable is this?

decorating/red and white


But I really love red and aqua together.

red and aqua decorating


Our cabin is red and white. The bunkhouse is red and white. I don’t like red walls though or too much red. But as an accent color, it’s work with everything. It’s kind of like the new “black”.

And then there’s food. This next example might be a stretch but stay with me. I love apple pie. And apples are red, right? Doesn’t that count?apple pie


I like anything that tastes like hot cinnamon.

hot tamales candy

There is another reason, the most important one, why color red appeals to me. To learn about that, you’ll have to read my alphabet of thanks, “W”.

God bless and have a good day.