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Another quick Christmas decorating idea

This  year I wanted to use one of my favorite color combos for Christmas ideas in the kitchen, red and aqua. I had these mostly Coke bottles (one in middle is a vinaigrette I had already painted and distressed that I had used before. I had stored them away for future reference just because I like them so much.

I also had the box but it was green. So I painted it blue, added the ribbon and Dollar Tree snowflakes, arranged the bottles, threw in some Christmas “picks” and I was done. Voila!

I thought it really turned out cute.

Christmas bottles 2017

I was telling a friend the other day that I found Christmas “picks” to be the most versatile of all Christmas decorations. Just pop some in any container and it’s instant decoration. Put them on a wreath form wrapped with whatever fabric or yarn you have laying around and you have a different decoration. Put them in a tree and it fills in a lot of blank spots.

What’s a favorite decoration you find yourself drawn to? You know, the one you use every year in a different way? I would love to know.

God bless and have fun decorating.

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  1. My decorations: still in attic. Present buying and card writing: not started. Decorating guest bedroom to accommodate guests: still in progress. AAArghhhh!

    • Actually, I got boxes in the basement that aren’t even going to get opened this year due to the kitten.

      Didn’t dare put up the big tree.😢😢 You’ll get there.