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A great find at Dollar Tree

Some days you just hit it big.

I had been to a number of store looking for boxes for cookies. Hubby and I have baked about forty to fifty dozen. I am not exaggerating.

It’s been a tradition for a number of years.

We plan on gifting many of them as usual. But I couldn’t find any cute boxes.

While Dollar Tree would ordinarily be my first stop, it wasn’t this year because I’d just been there a few days prior and there had been nothing I liked.

But I was in for a great surprise.

I mean look at these: They hold about a dozen and a half cookies and a few candies. But my next dilemma was how to keep the cookies separate from each other. I cut waxed paper into squares but that wasn’t the least bit attractive.

Then inspiration hit.

Coffee filters!

Nice, huh?

The coffee filters look all “ruffly”. I love the look.

And, yes, I am keeping some for me for decorations for next year.

Here’s another couple of small ones I found.

God bless and I hope you’re making good progress with your Christmas shopping.

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