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Does Christ make a difference in my life?

(This is another post from last year. There are many more of you this year so you probably missed this post. I think you will enjoy it.)


I’m just getting ready to spend some quiet time with God but I wanted to post before the day gets beyond me.

I don’t know about you but the closer I get to Christmas the more I think of all those projects I wanted to complete but didn’t.

I think of all those Pinterest DIY’s that beckon me and awake my creative juices. Making presents for the people in my life is one of the highlights of Christmas for me. This year I made my daughter a wooden carrier that holds silverware and napkins for eating outside.

Wooden carriers




She loves cherries so I sewed up some cloth napkins in her favorite print.

Wooden carriers/Christmas 2016

I found the silverware at Five Below.


In addition, I made what I consider my “sweetest” homemade gift ever.

stone picture/Christmas 2016

stone picture/Christmas 2016

I collected stones all summer when we were at the cabin. This project was so much fun. You can find many ideas on Pinterest board, titled “painted stones”. I love working with stones. I feel very connected with God as I’m always reminded of God’s instructions to Joshua about collecting stones as a remembrance of what God has done in our lives. Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago about that story.

I don’t know how everyone is finding time to post Christmas tours of their homes. Mine is beautifully decorated if I say so myself. Because it’s such an old house, it just naturally lends itself to Christmas decorating. In fact, it was during the holidays that we decided to buy it. But I certainly enjoy those pictures that others have posted, makes me feel I know them.

I’m winding down now knowing that many of the things I wanted to do aren’t going to get accomplished. But I’m OK with that.

Mary and Joseph were only thinking of one thing, the birth of their Son. That’s what I’m concentrating on today. How the birth of Jesus is meant to impact my life and how I relate to others.

Does Christ make a difference in my life or not?

Does my life, my words, my habits, look any different from a non-believer?

Do I love better?

What do I think about the most?

If someone were to make a movie of my life, would it reflect my faith?

So today I take time from a very busy day and reflect on a birth I don’t understand. I mean, seriously, a virgin birth?

And yet I believe.

And what amazes me at this very moment, even as I write, is that if I can believe something as “out-of-box” as a virgin birth, why do I question God in other areas?

Why do I ever question He hears and answers my prayers?

Why do I ever question He can perform miracles?

Honestly, until I started writing today, I never made that connection. What an unexpected gift of insight I’ve just been given. If one can believe in a virgin birth, the rest ought to be easy. Right?

Some will scoff at my beliefs. It doesn’t matter. Belief and faith are intensely private and personal. Besides, everyone operates from a belief in something. Everyone.

Besides, everyone operates from a belief in something.


What or who do you believe in today?

It’s a question worth answering.

God bless and have a good day.

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