Why I hate frigid weather and how to survive.

Now, if you don’t live in one if the states you are seeing in the news, the ones who are literally being covered in snow, you will not understand this post.

I live in western Michigan, about a block from the lake. And we are getting deluged with snow. Every day for at least ten days so far with no relief in sight. As I write this, twelve more inches are on the way.

The part that’s really hard though is the temperatures. Below freezing when one considers the wind.

So we can’t walk outside 😢. We hate that!!

For me, I feel like a big blob of putty in weather like this. No energy. And it’s too cold to organize and clean the basement.

So what’s a person to do?

Well, I could bake something wonderful like Russian Tea Cakes but then I would eat it. Not good if you’re not exercising.

img_4968I could read a book (which I have done) but then I fall asleep. It’s that cold weather again. Now, I know how people fall asleep in the snow and freeze to death.

So I sit and wait for the weather to get better and I think about spray painting, my list favorite hobby. I will spray paint anything.

Aren’t these chargers great?

Or I could take another nap. But the thing about naps is, they can get to be a habit. I don’t want that.

Hey, I know. I will make a list of my “go to” menus. Jillian over at “One Good Thing” ( has a template you can print.

Then there’s Lee Drummond’s newest cookbook to pursue.

Now, you do know the irony in all this, don’t you? As soon as the weather clears, I’ll be wishing for a “snow day” so I don’t have to do anything.

But one snow day is very different from weeks and weeks of snow days.

You get that, right?

God bless.






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