He’s a Wonder

If you need some inspiration, you might want to read this.. I’m a little biased. This is my daughter’s post on her blog. If you want to read more about our little “wonder”, read my post called, “My hardest post to write.”

God bless

This Little Light of Mine


Not so long ago, if you used the word retarded around me I would’ve chewed you up and spit you out. How dare you use a word that demeans a group of people based on their cognitive abilities. How could someone be that rude and insensitive?

But then again, I can remember a time when I unknowingly did the same thing myself. I never meant any harm. It was just a word and I wasn’t making fun of anyone. At least, I didn’t think so. The key words being “didn’t think.”

So I’ve decided to give most people the benefit of the doubt and advocate for better word choice. We often speak words without thinking. My filter frequently breaks down. But I’m a work in progress. And giving birth to a child with an extra chromosome  put me on the fast track to improving my filter.

That being said, there…

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