When life gives you what you really need.

I wanted to share something with all of you today.

You know how life just kind of plods along and you start to question if you’re on the right track or not? I mean it can be about anything.







Well, this last one, blogging, is one that can really frustrate me. I can get discouraged very easily, especially when I see the photos on other blogs, the number of followers, the popularity. I feel like I’m back in high school sometimes envying the popular girls. Know what I mean?

It just seems some days I should just quit. I mean, I wonder, am I helping anybody at all? Or am I writing in the wind and poof my words are carried away with the Google winds, never to be seen or read again.

And then, there comes that day. That day you think will never happen. The day you look at your email and there they are, lots and lots of “follows”. I mean I couldn’t believe my eyes. And I have no idea what post prompted it.

jack in box

Anyway, I wanted to say thank-you to the many Gravatar followers who came on board that I don’t know how to reach. The rest of you I will say thank-you “in person”.

I often say to God, “How do you do that”? meaning how did God know I needed what I needed before I knew I needed it. Did you follow that?

Anyway, if you are discouraged today, have hope. You never know when the next big surprise is going to show up. God is like that.

God bless and have a wonderful day.