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How God speaks through our doubt.

Guess what?

As I write, hubby and I are sensing God telling us to cancel our trip.

Yep, you heard it right. Cancel. So I’m writing this on a Saturday because I think it’s important to follow-up on that post.

Hmm, so how did I get here after the snowplow analogy from yesterday?

Didn’t I say God would make it clear?

God's direction


Guess what?

Sometimes that clarity comes through feelings of doubt.  

I said to my husband tonight, “You know I’m having some second thoughts about our trip to Florida.”

“So, am I”.

Well, that was all that was needed. When neither of us is at peace about something, we know we have to think seriously about it. If it’s just one of us, then we talk it through.

We went through this last year as well. Neither of us felt we could go to Florida because of my mom’s failing health although she was doing quite well at that time. We would never have dreamed we would lose her within three months.

So I had my mom to myself for ten days.  My brother had lived with her for about eight years and interestedly he was out-of-town during that period. I had missed having her all to myself so this was a special time. We cleaned out her drawers and shared memories of the various items we found. We ate our favorite foods. We went out for lunch. It was a precious time for me.

listening to God

We should be so in touch with God that we hear him even in our doubts.

I have written so many posts about hearing God’s voice. And it’s not that I have it perfected but I have been concentrating on this for a long time because I find the importance of learning to recognize God’s voice, one of the mainstays of the Christian faith. Rather than give you links to dozens of posts, I will just add a couple here and here. (These two are from an eight-part series. I think I will review and expand them for future reposts. Strangely enough, I wrote them on vacation in Florida.)

Here’s part of what I wrote yesterday:

“I began thanking God quietly as I walked. Thanking him that He was already clearing the road ahead. Should anything happen, He already had a plan. All I have to do is trust.

God reassures us in so many ways.”

God’s plan is always that we trust Him. It’s His plan that we trust Him even when we don’t understand why. It’s His plan that we know His voice so intimately that we hear it through all the “chatter” in our head.

Doubt has many sources. As long as we’re not doubting God, it’s nothing we need to feel bad about. God meets us in our doubts just like He meets us in our faith.

Right as I was writing this, my husband read something for me from a post that popped up on FB (written two years ago) from one of his cousins.

“Never discredit your gut instincts. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations. If something deep inside of you says that something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.”

In our case, our “gut”, our “something deep inside of us” is God’s voice.

hearing God's voice

hearing God’s voice

I think this is about as much affirmation as a person could get.

God uses snowplows and a two-year-old post that just pops up serendipitously on FB  to reaffirm His direction. He “speaks” in countless ways and through countless situations. The very best book on this subject is:

Hearing God's voice/Dallas Willard

(If you click on the picture, you will find a good synopsis.)

Once we made the decision, we both felt at peace. In case you are wondering, we were really looking forward to this trip. We had rented a house right on the beach and my husband was looking forward to fishing and I was looking forward to spending hours and hours on the beach. So this was not an easy decision to reach but we are very confident at this point that it is what we are to do.

Could it change? Only God knows that and only God would know why.

We might never know the “why”, we don’t have to. There have been so many times in my life that we’ve been able to look back and see how God has protected us.

The whole point of this post and yesterday’s is that we need to be sensitive to God’s leading and to remember that for all the “yes’s”, there are some “no’s” and we need to recognize both.

God bless and have a good weekend.

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