silver tray painted white/DIYDIY

Fun and easy DIY using only two products.

So good news, the foot is doing better. I’m doing my tendon stretching exercises throughout the day and they seem to be helping. I’ve been able to take my walk the last two days.

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and warm here in Michigan. I decided I had to spray paint something. My husband said, “You can tell spring is coming.” He was referring to smelling the paint.

Before that, we actually pruned a few rose bushes in front of the house. In February no less. Actually, it’s a great time to prune rose bushes just in case you didn’t know that.

These rose bushes you see here get HUGE!  And pruning them is probably going to make them “huger”.

pruning rose bushes




pruning rose bushes

So back to the spray painting.

I love trays. I use them everywhere and in lots of different ways. Check out my Pinterest board here for lots of ideas.

Anyway, I decided to paint this tray using Rustoleum 3x Blossom White. Here’s my preparation:

There isn’t any. I just sprayed it not caring how good of a job I did. It probably took two coats.

Then I sanded it.


That was it. Two steps, two products. Of course, if you count the tray, that’s three.

I planned on using it in our upstairs bathroom like this. I forgot to take a “before” but this is very similar to the one I painted, without the handles.

silver tray

I didn’t see this boo-boo til later but wasn’t concerned as I knew it would only add character after it was painted.silver tray painted white/DIYThen I sanded it.

silver tray painted white/DIY

silver tray painted white/DIY


You can see here where I sanded down the boo-boo. I think it added a little character.

silver tray painted white/DIY

silver tray painted white/DIY

silver tray painted white/DIY

silver tray painted white/DIY

So I took it upstairs and placed it under another DIY project (a personal fav), and it looked like this.

silver tray painted white/DIY

diy silver trayGuess what?

I didn’t like it. So you know that silver tray in the first picture. I took it upstairs and used that one instead. So now it looks just like it used to.

No problem. In my world, if I got to spray paint it, that’s all that mattered. I ended up using it elsewhere.

Well, the sun is shining again here in Michigan and I’m out to buy more spray paint. I’m down to about twenty cans, most of which are not full, so it’s time to get more. 🙂

God bless and have a great day.