When do we receive God’s grace?

God does not give us grace to run someone else’s race. 

But if you’re like me, you don’t always act like you believe it.

Sometimes if I look into the future and think about all the “what if’s” I can get so frightened.

What if I lose this person?

What if I lose that person?

What if someone gets really sick?

How would I manage?

I think because my foot problems have reemerged I’m feeling more vulnerable anyway. When you’re in pain and having to basically sit around and nurse that pain and can’t keep up with your usual schedule, it’s easy to get too introspective.


Plus, with spring coming I’m more aware of my loss. I never figured that this late in the process that grief could come and rear its ugly head. So much for being prepared.

But today (and today is the only day I have at the moment, right?) the sun is shining and I’m heading to a big Goodwill store with one of my best friends. That’s always fun. I’m hoping to find a cheap piece of furniture to recycle in some marvelous way.

Take a look at these:





Just found this blog yesterday. Tons of painted furniture make-overs.DIY/furniture

If you need more painted furniture ideas, go here. ( I have over 1,000 pins. Guess you can tell what I like to do, huh?)

Then I’ll have to come home and nurse my foot some more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to walk at least thirty minutes today. If I can’t, there’s always the elliptical machine.

This is getting old.

Anyway, think about that statement today if you’re looking too far into the future. As I’ve stated so often, God is there on the path ahead of us. He knows the future (aren’t we glad we don’t?) and He’s already waiting there for us. Honestly, if I couldn’t actually “see” that in my ind, I would despair some days.

There’s so much about grace that can be said. Today grace for me is getting away and not thinking. Remember, God’s grace is always creative and He gives it to each of us in ways that are particular to our personality.

God bless and have a good day.


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