DIY/ empty wine bottlesDIY

I like big bottles and I cannot lie

My friend and I hit some thrift stores the other day, five to be exact.

I’m dying to show you my “finds”.

I really do love bottles, jars, and the bigger the better.

You’ve seen these already.

DIY/big jars

But I found these yesterday and I can’t wait to “chalk them up” and add some” frenchy” labels. Nice, huh? Cost: $4.00 for both.

DIY/ empty wine bottles


Then I found this sconce. I use scones everywhere. I find they are great for filling in a dead spot. I always buy the really lightweight ones.

Like here:

Decorating/ wall sconce


I will probably use this new one as is. Cost: $1.00.

DIY/ wall sconce


Then there are these roofing nail rolls. Now, I’ll bet you’re thinking I’m nuts for buying this. But look at this picture from my bunkhouse. Usually they are wound tight. This one needs some adjusting. But they hide the nail that holds up the draped curtain panel and they look just like shiny rosebuds.



I bought four of them. Look how iridescent they look in the sunlight. Total cost: $2.00.


I must say, though, you have to use gloves when arranging them. I might use them in my dining room and let them trail down a little for some bling. I’ll be sure to post pics. My husband thinks I’m a little nuts. But he has learned to trust me completely with the decorating.


Then there is this. I’m not sure what it is but I think it might be an old wall magazine rack from a school. My friend talked me into it. I think I’m glad she did. The more I see it, the more I see it’s possibilities. It will be chalk painted white and distressed. Cost: $4.00.

DIY/ wall magazine rack

Total cost for all, $11.00.

How did I do?

Can’t wait to show you what I do with all this. It will astound and amaze you. I just know it. 🙂

Anyway, the sun is shining. I am armed with spray paint and can’t wait to get at it. I have a great and really cheap repurposing of some old canvases to show you next week.

Hope this is a great day for you and God bless.