black painted tableDIY

A great lamp DIY. Check it out.

I’m sharing some archived posts this week because I’m sure most of you have not seen them as there many more of you now than there was when I posted some DIY projects. The pictures aren’t good. I still don’t have a great camera, just my cell phone but now I have an ediitng program so while they’re not terrific, they are better.

Aren’t you wondering why I’m posting from the archives? OK, seeing as how you asked…….

Hubby and are somewhere in Kentucky checking out some state parks. We are planning a family vacation for our children and grandchildren May of 2o19. So we thought why not actually visit some places ahead of time? Of course, we were looking forward to bringing our kitten but you know what happened last week by now. We are so missing him.

I’ve had these lamps for at least thirty years but they weight a ton and just seem to always work with whatever new decorating style I’m experimenting with. I can’t even remember what color they were when I bought them!!!! Notice the tables. They are that old as well but they got painted as well.

painted lamps

lamps DIY

I painted them Cottage White by Behr. It is my favorite white of all time. The picture on the right shows them glazed with the paint. Problem is, it’s no longer available although I’m sure there are other manufacturers make something similar.

lamps DIY


This picture is blurry but I think you get the idea.
black painted table

More DIY coming tomorrow.

God bless and have a good day.