A great DIY table trimmed in aluminum flashing

I love little tables. I think I have at least seven small table but three are nesting tables. I can’t wait to get to them this spring.

This particular table started out, actually, I can’t remember how it started it. LOL

But in this first picture, you can see that I had painted it the colors of the bottom shelf. The top was left stained. I have to say, it was pretty darn cute.

small painted table/DIY




I had no idea where I was going with it but these are the colors I decided to use.

I decided to paint the legs silver and apron the Chrome color, one of my favorite paints.  I painted the top and the shelf the blue.

small painted table/DIY


Then I decided to do something brilliant. I added some crimped flashing. This was a little difficult. I had to nail it on with small nails. I distressed the edges of the top.

small painted table/DIY


Here’s another picture.  I think this was all inspired by this woven silver bowl I found at a garage sale. It’s been everywhere in the house.

small painted table/DIY


I was on a roll with the chrome paint so I gathered up some vases I had on hand (I love painting vases. They’ve been painted over since this project.)

small painted table/DIY

chrome painted bottles/DIY


Here’s the finished vignette at the landing between the sets of stair steps. I really liked it but (you know what I’m going to say, don’t you?) but it’s been changed again.

small painted table/DIY

small painted table/DIY


small painted table/DIYThe small tables are getting really hard to find. I’m sure I’ll keep collecting them. It seems like small tables can be used just about anywhere.

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