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I just might becoming a chef. Who knew?

OK. Can I say I feel pretty good about some of the recipes I’ve been preparing lately? Remember, this is one of my goals for this year. I am determined.

I wish I took pictures of the process but as usual, I didn’t think it would turn out so good. Shows you the level of confidence I have in this area.

But it’s not complicated and I can walk you through it.

First of all, these are purchased crepes. But I want to learn how to make my own crepes because these are a little too sweet and too dry for my taste but they work well in a pinch. By the way, crepes are not pronounced with a long “e” but with a short sounding “e” like in “get”. This is how the French pronounce it and they should know.

So many recipes pair up blueberries with lemon so I thought I would do the same. I used whipping cream and lemon curd. I cooked the blueberries on top of the stove until they broke open (like cranberries do) and then added a little sugar. I spread the whipping cream/lemon curd mixture on a crepe, rolled it up, and then poured the sauce on top.



Here you can see the confectioners sugar I sprinkled on top. By the way, did you know you can make your own confectioners sugar? But why? I ask. It’s so cheap. But I guess it’s good to know when you’re in a pinch.


This was so easy and so pretty. Looks kind of fancy, huh?

lemon curd/whipped cream, blueberry crepesAnyway, here’s the “recipe”:



1 Package of pre-made crepes.

2 cups whipping cream

1/2 cup lemon curd

1 cup or so of blueberries

1/4-1/2 cup white sugar

Confectioners sugar

Cook down one cup of blueberries to desired consistency. I like some of my blueberries left whole. Add in sugar a little at a time until is as sweet as you like. Let it cool.

While sauce is cooling, whip up the whipping cream until peaks hold their shape. Add lemon curd a little at a time until as sweet as you like. (I found that 1/2 cup was way too sweet. I’m not sure I would even use lemon curd next time. I think I would use lemon flavoring and lemon peel instead. )

Open crepes and spread whipped cream mixture to within one inch of edges. They can beĀ rolledĀ as in normal rolling from one side to the other or folded up like a little package. I rolled mine but next time I would fold it more like a package.

Sprinkle confectioner’s sugar on top.

I’m going to experiment with the filling. I’m thinking cream cheese/confectioners mix with perhaps grated lemon/orange, or lime peel. Any thickened berry or fruit would be good on top.

Another idea: switch it around. Pul the fruit mixture inside and top with the whipped cream.

Or do as the French. Crepe kiosks are all over Paris and the most popular crepes are filled with Nutella. It’s like “the” thing in Paris. Second best seller is a crepe filled with a melted butter-sugar mixture.

Of course, there are lots of main dish crepe recipes as well.

If I get around to perfecting making the crepe from scratch, I’ll let you know.

God bless and have a great day.’

PS. I just found what seems like a great recipe for homemade lemon curd. Just click on this picture.

homemade lemon curd