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First rummage sale finds of the season

Really. Can you believe it?

Spring has finally come to the Midwest and yesterday I went to a church rummage sale. I mean, the weather isn’t great yet but at least the temperature is over forty degrees.

Don’t you gloat now if you’ve been enjoying spring for weeks now. Actually, I’m glad for you. Someone in the country should have nice weather.

So-o-o-o, here’s my goodies. I spent $6.00.

Oh, and by the way, when you read this Monday morning, we will have opened the cabin and settling in. This is the latest ever. And as I’m writing this post on Saturday, my heart is just skipping a beat even thinking about it. Next weekend we are replacing the floors in the main living area and having laminate floors put in. We are hiring it out because, well, just because. I’m really excited about it.

Plus, I have some plans for changing out some things in the bunkhouse. I guess it is a she-shed but that wasn’t a term anyone was using it when we had it built six years ago.

Anyway, I digress. See what thinking about the cabin does for me?

Oh, one last thing about being up north this next week (I have some great DIY posts all ready for you.) is that I’m going to continue to work on my prayer series. I have about thirteen pages printed out that contain ALL the prayers prayed in both the Old and New Testament. I intend to read them all in preparation for the series. Now that I’ve started it, I’m feeling a heavy spiritual responsibility to get it as “right” as I can. I want it to encourage and lift up and certainly don’t want it to steer anyone away from one of the most, if not the most, crucial disciplines of our faith.

So-o-o-o back to my “finds”:

These are two knock-around-in sweaters in two colors I almost never. But I saw them and thought of spring and flowers, and well, that was it.


rummage sale bargins/thrift shopping


This little piece will hold a succulent. I’m on the succulent kick now and bought about six the other day. I really, really like the little “punch” they bring to a room. Isn’t this adorable?rummage sale bargins/thrift shopping

This book is by one of my favorite authors. I won’t be reading it for a while because it’s about her struggle with depression which I knew about from some of her other books. Check her out. She’s a deep thinker and writer-just the kind that appeals to me. I so get her experience with depression, having been there myself. I hate it, I mean I really hate it, when someone I love experiences an episode. I know how the despair and anxiety just invade every part of one’s life. And that awful, heavy feeling in your chest is almost unbearable. But we serve a God who gives us all the tools we need to get through it.

(I just can’t read it now as I’m fast approaching my year’s anniversary of my mom’s death. She died in the spring with her favorite trees all in bloom. I remember standing on her deck the day she died, (not knowing that when I walked back in her room, it would be just minutes before she died ) thinking how much she loved the spring. So you can see why I won’t be reading it just now.)


This was free. What in the world, you are thinking. W…..eel, I’m going to try my hand at making my own milk paint. It’s ridiculously easy and seeing how I make my own chalk paint, I’m not worried about it. And you use powdered pigment so a free jar is good. The only thing is most of the formulas call for skim milk and guess what?  I can’t find any. I can find fat-free and 1% but no skim. Anybody with any ideas?


And finally, these adorable little cows. And you’re thinking, “What”?  Seriously, I think every home should have that one “fun” and unexpected piece. And no, it’s not in the kitchen. It’s in my living room and in a perfect little spot on my newly refinished and designed coffee table.

You will be seeing it as soon as I’m happy with the styyling.

But here’s my adorable little cow(s). I’m only keeping one. My  friend just had her kitchen painted a pale gray and we painted her table black. She has a shelf it will look darling on.

rummage sale bargins/thrift shopping

So that’s my great finds. But I’m expecting to find even more today. Because you know what one of the best things about going up to the cabin is? There’s this Mission Store that I just dearly love. I don’t always find something but when I do, it’s always under a dollar.

A couple of years ago they had a great hutch, very ornate, perfect for painting and I let it go. I still don’t know why I didn’t buy it. Oh, I remember, now, the price, $100.00. The only item I’ve ever seen in that store marked that high. But it was worth every penny and every time I go in that store, I kick myself first to remind me to never let something that great get pass me by again.

Anyway, don’t know if it’s too much coffee or just that I’m like a cat on a tin roof, but I gotta’ go finish loading and head up north. Hubby left a couple of hours ago. He has to prime the pump, turn on the water, fill the hot water tank, etc. He would just as soon I”m not there when he does all this. And I would just as soon I’m not there either. Unless, you have a cabin that you should down in the winter, you have no idea the number of things that can go wrong when you turn everything on for the first time. Especially after a winter like this.

God bless and enjoy what promises to be a wonderful, warm week.