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Whoa. Wait till you see what I’ve been up to!!!

As you know, I was at “Teeny, Tiny, Cabin” last week.

It was a whirlwind of activity.

Hubby got the pump working but then we had a leak in the hot water heater. Thank goodness we were able to get someone right away.It’s a good thing my husband noticed it before he turned on the hot water.

The yard was a mess.

Oops, I have to back up a little.

We almost didn’t get down the driveway. Still a lot of snow. Really, Lord?

teeny tiny red cabin

teeny tiny red cabin

teeny tiny red cabin


I vacuumed out the bunkhouse although from now on I will refer to it as the my “She Shed” because, as my friend pointed out, there are no bunk beds. And it’s kind of big for a “She Shed”. Maybe I’ll just refer to it as La Cabinette which is its name anyway.

Heard a great sermon on Sunday.

Monday, I met with a friend of many years to catch up on a lot. What a blessing she was and what a blessed time we had.

Tuesday, though, was the killer. We are having new laminate flooring laid in the main part of the cabin. (Yes, I took lots of before and soon some “after” pictures.) So my hubby and I were looking at it Monday night and we said to each other, “Hey, we should go ahead and  tear up the carpet tomorrow.” We figured this would save the installers plenty of time as they only had the weekend to get it done.

Let me just say, shoulda’ thought that one through a little more. It was a huge job for such a small space mostly because of how it was laid installed. I won’t even go there.

tearing up carpet/cabin


tearing up carpet/cabinI should tell you we tore up that carpet holding our breath because this cabin is older than our home and we had no idea what we would find. But our thinking was that we’d rather find out this way than have the installers call us and give us the bad news.

I just knew there might be a trap door with a skeleton under the floor.

There wasn’t.

However, we are still holding our breath as we contracted out this job and we aren’t even going to be there. Yikes!!!

Who does that?

Apparently, we do. But it’s not as foolish as you might think. These are the same contractors that built our addition and we weren’t there every minute for that either. But new construction is a lot different from putting in a new floor on top of an old one.

Ask me if I’ve been praying hard?

I am so excited to show you the pictures as we progress. We are also painting the walls. It’s time to hide that paneling. We are possibly adding shiplap on one wall. I plan on making new drop cloth curtains throughout the cabin. And just like our main house, there are a lot of windows for such a small cabin.

Plus, I’m thinking through some different ideas for “La Cabinette”. If it really is a “She Shed” and not a “Man Cave” I figure I should “guss’ it up a bit. You know, flower garlands, chandeliers, frilly curtains, maybe even some “swaggy” areas. Of course, I intend on doing it on the cheap, so yard sales are a must.

As I write, I am acutely aware how fortunate I feel. I have a beautiful marriage, great children who are married to great people, and great grandkids. I have an abundance of everything. And even when I have a week like last week and I’m exhausted, I am reminded that my fatigue was because I had the privilege of doing the things I love, not working for the next meal.

I sponsor some children in Africa and I have their pictures on my refrigerator. I do that because I want to be reminded that there are those that would be thrilled to have one-tenth of what I have. I don’t ever want to forget that. That’s one of the reasons, I intentionally shop thrift stores and garage sales. It’s why I don’t buy new furniture very often. It’s why we never buy new cars. Besides, it’s more fun to upcycle anyway.

But I am always walking that thin line between enjoying my abundance and feeling guilty about enjoying my abundance. Am I the only one?

However, I can think of no place in scripture that suggests I shouldn’t enjoy what I have as long as I am as generous to others.

Where are you on this spectrum? Are there days you feel like you want to give it all away? Then on other days, you find yourself wanting more, or different, or whatever.

I guess it’s human nature. I just know that I had nothing to do with where I was born and that had I been born anywhere else I would be living a very different life.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

Luke 12:48

God bless and have a good day.



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