My Red and green bedroom. Think you’ll like it.

This is one of our guest rooms. It’s the only room in the house with other than neutral colored walls. It’s red and green on purpose as we refer to it as our Christmas bedroom.

This first picture shows a “sweet dreams” sign I made a few years ago. I made them in different colors for presents. You can find the DIY here.  I have combined a true Emerald green with a Chartreuse Green. I think the combination is very different. But I like tone -on-tone when it comes to green. Not with any other color but green.

Funny, huh?


This is a better idea of the Chartreuse color.



I love this little vase ‘thingee”. My daughter bought it for me. I love this color green with red.



This is the view into the hallway.


I made three of these green trees by wrapping yarn over styrofoam cones.  The other two are made with paper mache over crumpled aluminum foil. My husband traveled to Thailand a lot and brought me back these little elephants. Seeing as they are red and green, I figured why not with my Christmas trees.



I have had this antique picture for years. It works beautifully in this room.



Here’s the sign up close.The green here is a true representation of the color of the walls.



These are pillow covers from Amazon. They look great in this picture like they did on Amazon. But they are not nearly as nice as they long. The bedspread is from Amazon as well. It was a great price and I love it. (Oops, it’s not quite as smooth as I thought.)



I bought this gold table on clearance at Hobby Lobby.



Here’s a closer look at the Santa’s and the snowman.


The bed is antique from my husband’s grandmother. We refinished it. The dresser is antique as well but it was purchased at an auction. We also refinished that.

These pieces are almost the only non-painted furniture I own. I love painting furniture but do not see that I will ever paint these two pieces.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas bedroom and God bless.

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    • It’s kind of funny you said that. It’s the only room in the house like that. All other rooms are neutral. I kept it decorated for Christmas year round. Now, it’s just kinda’, sorta’ decorated for Christmas.

      Thanks for commenting.