Hubby home and all is well.

I always like to update people when I’ve asked for prayers.

My husband not only passed all his tests but he did so with flying colors. All of his labs are extraordinarily good. Even better than ever before. He had open heart surgery over twenty years ago and the doctors and staff couldn’t get over the fact that his heart is so healthy.


So-o-o-o-o, what was the diagnosis?

Well, we really didn’t get one. The best guess is that he was dehydrated even though he was sure he was. However, apparently, dehydration can “build up” over time. Or should I say can “build down” over time. That sounds more accurate, doesn’t it?


We will be having a follow-up appointment with our primary care doctor this next week.

We are praising God tonight. I am not afraid to admit we were a little scared. At the same time, we’ve both said that it was a very spiritual experience with both of feeling God’s presence in a profound way.

I mentioned yesterday about the “heaviness” I had been feeling earlier. I will say, though, that I took that feeling and made it worse by worrying. Those feelings could also be the result of my thyroid dose being reduced twice over the last couple of months. I will be checking that out as well.

My heart goes out to those who didn’t get good news today at the hospital. Having been a hospital chaplain for a few years, I still find it paradoxical how one person in one room gets horrible news while the person in the next room gets good news. We’ve been in both “rooms”.

I feel as Christians we have to always be mindful of those around us in any setting and remember that wherever we are in our life, someone else is in an opposite place. That’s life.

“Clouds” are always moving. Sometimes we’re the ones under those clouds; sometimes we’re not.


Thank you for your prayers. I mean that sincerely. I could only shoot up “arrow” prayers but I felt all the prayers that were being lifted up for us instead of by us.


God is good and God is faithful.

God bless and I hope you have a great day. We sure are.


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