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Decorating a dining room inexpensively

This is my dining room as of now. I love the combination of wood tones with black and white. I painted the table and hutch nine years ago and have never been sorry. The two chairs at each end are from Wayfair. I was really nervous about ordering them but I’m glad I just bit the bullet.

The wonderful table runner is linen and I found it at Home Goods for twelve dollars a few weeks ago. It was exactly what I was looking for. However, I need to reconfigure the wooden basket in the middle. I just am not inspired yet though as to what.

The piece at the top of the hutch is an old celing tile I’ve had for years. It’s been painted gray. I’ve used it in numerous places throughout my home.


The drapes are an inexpensive fabric from JoAnn’s. I didn’t hem the sides or the bottoms. Who can tell anyway? Can you?




As I look at this picture, I think I’ll paint that large sconce. Probably white.


I needed something tall for the corner so I made this unit. Here’s the link.

ladder with baskets


This buffet sits at the other end of the dining room. In the bottom corner of the open frame, you will see a picture of my mom as a young woman. It’s been a little over a year and I miss her so much.

Ways to decorate a coffee table

Hope you got some good ideas. I think God expects us to be frugal and because He does, He gives us great imagination. We don’t have to spend a lot on decorating our homes. Besides, what’s the fun in that? Most items can be painted or changed in some way to make them work.

I’m also a bigh believer in shopping in your own home. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for our bedroom. I gave up and decided to come home and go through my stash and found just what I was looking for. So look around your own home and move things around a little. You’ll be surprised how when you start to do this, your mind just gets going and the ides flow.

God bless and have a good day.


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