Month: July 2018

living room/decorating/DIY

My coffee table redo. It’s a Wow!

I know I posted how to style a coffee table but I don’t think I ever posted the DIY of the coffee table.

Anyway, it was dark but it had an interesting inlay of patterns. I decided to sand the top and paint the rest. Or should I say, my husband sanded the top? At the time I was experiencing some hand pain. Otherwise, I do all my own sanding. Just wanted you to know.

The color you see on the edge was the original stain color of the entire table.

coffee table/diy

coffee table/diy coffee table/diy

]coffee table/diy




coffee table/diy


I love how it turned out. Of course, I’ve changed the arrangement since this picture was taken. I’ve removed everything from the table except for middle tray. I decided I needed a “summer” look. living room/decorating/DIY


God bless and I hope you have a good day.


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