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You will absolutely love this blackberry coffee cake!

I have a friend up north near our cabin who is an amazing cook/baker. I mean, amazing. As in, “You wouldn’t believe it” kind of amazing.

I asked her one day how she got to be such a wonderful cook. She told me her mother worked outside the home and expected her to fix dinner when she got home from school. What started out as probably a chore turned out to be a hobby she dearly loves. And as I always say, if you’re a good cook, it’s because you like to cook.

Can you image how intimidated I am when it’s my turn to prepare a meal? Actually, I’ve kind of decided on an alternative plan. I told her the other day, I’ll buy the food and she can cook it.

I’m hoping she’ll take me up on it because I don’t like to cook. Read the last sentence of paragraph two and that says it all. I do OK when I really try but I’m perfectly fine admitting it’s not my “thing”.

Thank goodness, my husband doesn’t mind. In fact, he tells me I’m a much better cook than I think I am. I’ll admit I can bake but the rest, mmmm, not so sure he’s right about that. I can create a mean salad though.

Anyway, we were there last week and she made this amazing wild blackberry coffee cake. Oh, my gosh. It was tender and just mildly sweet. Plus it was b-e-a-u-t-f-u-l.

I mean, look at this.

encouragement, recipe, blackberry coffee cake


encouragement, recipe, blackberry coffee cake

encouragement, recipe, blackberry coffee cake

And what is really interesting is that some of the flour is buckwheat.

I went right out and bought some. Now, she actually had the wild blackberries which I won’t have. I’ll have to use the kind one buys at the grocery store so I’m sure it won’t look as delicate. I will post a picture when I make it. And I will be honest about how it tastes.

encouragement, recipe, blackberry coffee cakeI believe this is a recipe from the Mayo Clinic Diet.

If you make this, be sure and let me know.

God bless and have a good day.



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