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If you need some good motivation for “DIYing”.

I thought I would share some really neat DIY ideas for you. If you’re liuke me and you’re on PInterest, you have so many projects pinned, it’s kind of overwhelming. So I thought I would pick some really simple ones for you to look at.

Happy “diying”

I couldn’t find directions but it’s fairly straightforward.

Cute stick DIY wall hanging

DIY/candle holders


I love this little shelf. I just wish I had a place to use it. In case you don’t know I live in an old farmhouse with a very small kitchen. I have about thirty inches of countertop. That’s it. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve hosted as many large family get-togethers as we have in the past but we have. Maybe I’m more organized than I think. You could make this using wooden blocks for the legs as well.

How to Make a Wooden Riser

diy wooden tray

This torn paper requires no explanation. However, paper can be torn against the grain or with the grain. One way will show the white, which I personally prefer, the other will not. I can’t tell you which is which, you have to figure that out yourself by doing some practice tears. Also, this picture is layered from the background to the foreground. And you will notice that some of the “clouds” are not overlapped but are laying on top of another one.

You can use all kinds of papers. Whenever I paint, if I use cotton towels to clean up the paint, I keep the towels for projects such as this. You can use newspapers, magazines pages, scrapbook papers, anything you can tear, including cloth, burlap, ribbons, etc.

torn paper picture/inspiration/motivational

Collage is a great way to try one’s hand at art.

Here are two collages I created a few years ago. In these cases, I tore the paper so the white doesn’t show. They are probably my favorite two collages. I had no idea where I was headed. I only knew I wanted vases. The papers I used in this project were mostly white paper that I decorating by spattering paint, “squishing” paint between two papers, any way I could get paint on the paper.

You will notice the blog titles on each are not “faithsighanddiy”. com. I had two blogs at one time and then decided that both titles were a little too “dark” and didn’t really represent who I am today. While I sometimes have some “dark” days, even a few “dark” weeks, I’ve never suffered a serious case of depression for over fifteen years. Faith in God is the most important part of my life. And I love “DIY”, so thus the blog’s title.original art/inspirational


original art/inspirational

I hope one of these projects inspired you to get started on something.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


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