How to reconcile your “good” with someone else’s “bad”

Where to begin?

That I feel so refreshed now? The day is opening up to me with such peace, such possibilities.

The sun is shining.


Seventy-two degrees. No wind.

My painting supplies all gathered up.


There is an annoying bee buzzing around but that’s ok. Bees are so good for the environment.

I am so thankful for this day BUT……

I remember a young woman who stood up in our little “up-north” church and thanked the members for their support during the year. In July she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was obvious the disease was accelerating rapidly. But that wasn’t all she shared.

She then asked the congregation to continue to support her as this week she was taking her one-year-old son (her only child) to the hospital for six months of treatment as he has been diagnosed with cancer. My husband and I just about lost it.

What was so impressive though was her attitude. It was honest. She didn’t try to mask over how she was feeling as so many Christians feel the need to do. She expressed her faith eloquently.

I felt chagrined for the times I’ve complained of fatigue or sore feet.

But I thought again of how Jesus taught that we are to be joyful, that He promised us not just a little joy but joy overflowing. So how did I synthesize all this to make any sense?

First of all, I will pray for her and her little boy until no longer necessary.

Secondly, I will take concrete action.

A dark cloud has taken up residence over this young woman and her family. I’ve been under that cloud myself. I will be again. So when we are living in the sunshine, that’s the time to bring all our resources to the front and do what we can for those who are struggling.

I thought I needed to come to the cabin for rest but God brought us here this week and to our little church on Sunday for a very different reason. “Mary” is now a part of my prayer life.

Life, at times, is unexplainable.

Life will always cause us to question.

At least it should (cause us to question). I believe that “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

Be aware of your blessings and be grateful. Enjoy your happiness while you can.

There is no sin in being happy and there is no virtue in being unhappy.  

God bless.


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